Aaron Stanek

Aaron Stanek

Who am I?

I am an undergraduate physics major, student researcher, and hobbyist programmer.

What do I do at school?

Currently, I am working through my third year at UC Santa Barbara, where I am enrolled in the College of Creative Studies (CCS). CCS is a small college set up to serve as an graduate school for undergraduates; the students work in small classroom settings with their peers and professors to explore knowledge at an accelerated pace. For me, this meant a crash course in physics from day one, most notably including an advanced lab class sequence during my second year, and access to some upper division coursework well ahead of my peers outside CCS.

After my time at UC Santa Barbara, I will probably head off to a physics graduate program with the aim of a physics PhD and eventually a career in physics research.

What do I research?

I work in the lab of Dr. David Stuart at UC Santa Barbara. Most of the lab is involved in the search for supersymmetry, physics beyond the standard model. However, my part in this search is quite minimal; a majority of my time researching over the last year has been to design, program, and build small modular particle detectors. These detectors, and the supports and circuitry associated with them, are of interest as potential teaching tools. The idea being that we could put these small inexpensive detectors in the hands of undergraduate physics students so that they might learn more about how particle detectors work, and about particle physics in general.

We are currently conducting a trial run of these detectors in an upper division physics lab class. If this trial is successful, the detectors and the experiments that go along with them could become part of the class' regular curriculum.

If you are curious about all the other things happening in Dr. Stuart's lab, we keep an active online journal of all of our activities. (link)

What do I code?

Short answer: Nothing spectacular. Long answer: I mess around, see what I can build. Mostly small widgets and tools, some are larger projects. If you want to see more, check out my GitHub page.

For some reason, I know more programming languages than I could ever possibly need to: C, C++, Python, Wolfram, Lua, PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Plus varying levels of knowledge of in: D, Java, and Fortran.

Am I a competent adult?

Somewhat. Please see my LinkedIn profile and résumé for more information on this matter.




Last updated: 29 March 2018